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Meet the face behind KL Exposures! 


     Hey there, I'm KL, and I'm a freelance photographer & videographer servicing the DFW metroplex. I'm never freer than I am when I am behind the lens! Whether it's capturing a funny or intimate moment in a couple of photos or video, shooting remains my passion because it gives me a creative outlet to tell a visual story.


Reminiscing back to about 2008, I vividly remember wanting a camera so badly so that I could have the flyest Myspace photo. I just knew that mine would be way better than Tom's! I got my very first camera, which was a red Kodak Easyshare M753, that I brought along with me literally everywhere. All of my cousins were my first models. I even shot my very first wedding back then! At that age, I didn't even realize that I was "shooting photography" and manifesting my true passion. It was all just for fun and something that I loved to do! 

In 2019 is when I finally realized that photography was something that I longed to to do on a professional level. I invested in a Canon Rebel T6 and I began studying the true terminology, learning about aperture, light, and shutter speed. Taking any chance I could to practice my skill. 2 years later, I have continued to learn and grow my skill and have now also invested in a Sony Alpha6000 to pivot into shooting quality videography productions.

I am eager to help you create memories to share with family and hold dear for a lifetime. I hope to see you soon!

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